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Friday, December 16, 2011

How Thai floods are affecting PC prices

Charles Wright

December 15, 2011

Thailand's floods have affected some suppliers, making good value harder to find.

BLEEDING Edge has been quite busy during the past few weeks trying to resolve the usual technical questions that confront us whenever we prepare the quarterly specifications for our workhorse PC. This time, for instance, we had to decide whether the new AMD FX-8120 CPU or its A8-3850 was a better buy than the Intel Quad Core i5 2500K we've been recommending recently. It's been a few years since we specified anything from AMD but it has made a lot of progress recently.

And if we decide to stick with Intel, should we instead look at the i7 2600K? It's $90 dearer but for that you get Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT).

We never expected that the implications of those considerations would be overtaken by a meteorological event: the Thailand floods.

How Thai floods are affecting PC prices

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