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Monday, December 26, 2011

BBC News - Irish privacy watchdog calls for Facebook changes

The Irish data protection commissioner has recommended widespread changes to improve privacy on Facebook.

They include making its terms and conditions clearer and offering users greater control over how their data is used on the site.

The findings are particularly significant because Facebook Ireland was given responsibility for all non-US and Canadian data in September 2010.

Facebook has six months to implement the changes.

Commissioner Billy Hawkes will conduct a formal review of its progress in July.

Commenting on the report, he said: "This was a challenging engagement both for my office and for Facebook Ireland. The audit has found a positive approach and commitment on the part of FB-I [Facebook Ireland] to respecting the privacy rights of its users."

The review was conducted partly in response to complaints about Facebook's data and partly as routine assessment of firm conducted by the commission.

BBC News - Irish privacy watchdog calls for Facebook changes

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