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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BBC News - Palm oil threat to Indonesia's orangutans

Eight-month-old baby orangutan Elaine would have never survived without her carer Rosa.

Coaxing the infant ape to eat, Rosa uses a mixture of baby-talk orangutan sounds, trying to mimic the noises Elaine's mum would have made if she were here.

The baby orangutan and her mother were separated when they were chased off a palm oil plantation by some workers. It is not clear whether the older orangutan is even alive.

Now, Elaine depends on Rosa for care.

"She usually cries when I leave," Rosa said, cradling the baby ape. "So I need to always be close to her."

Elaine is one of two baby orangutans rescued from palm oil plantations in the last few months and brought to the Samboja Lestari sanctuary in East Kalimantan.

BBC News - Palm oil threat to Indonesia's orangutans

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