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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Internet Explorer Must Die! - Forbes

Mark Gibbs, Contributor

12/16/2011 @ 8:57PM

Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer must die. Let me explain why …

Over the years computer technology has delivered many good ideas and even a few that could be considered “insanely great.” But along with these successes have come some notable and occasionally epic failures mostly because someone, in some company, somewhere, thought they knew better than everyone else what we needed or thought they could change our minds to see things their way.

Now it’s true that there have been successful novel applications and devices that on first glance most people thought were irrelevant or, worse, were a waste of time, yet they eventually transpired to be really amazing products. For example, I’d put pad computing and the iPad in this category.

For years the idea of pad computing seemed really cool yet every device that attempted to be a solution – for example, the Apple Newton – failed to a greater or lesser degree. Then along came Apple with the iPad and, seemingly overnight, the much derided pad concept became the New Hotness.

But for the spectacular surprise successes there have been many more spectacular failures: Microsoft Bob, Real Networks Real Player, Sony BMG’s digital rights management … it’s a long, sad list. And there’s one more product that deserves inclusion in the list of world class failures: Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Must Die! - Forbes

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