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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Broadband Vs. Internet - Watching the Watchers

Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 06:47 AM EST

Now comes news that Verizon will soon quit building more FiOS connections to homes. This bothers me for a bunch of reasons, but the most immediate one is that we choose to live where we do because our street is served by FiOS. I am very fond of FiOS. I wish you could have 25Mbps symmetrical service like I do. But, if you don't live in a place already served by FiOS, you won't.

Why did Verizon pull back from FiOS? Clues come from a deal Verizon made with three cable companies. Both the last two links are to pieces in the Washington Post by Cecelia Kang. In the first she says Verizon will "end its wireless LTE partnership with satellite provider DirectTV" and "stop its buildout of FiOS television and Internet services in the next couple years," as it "forges a new partnership with cable giants to cross-market phone, video, Internet and cellular services." In the second she says "Verizon will pay $3.6 billion to Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House Networks to use a swath of cellphone airwaves that the cable giants own but do not use."

Broadband Vs. Internet - Watching the Watchers

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