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Monday, January 30, 2012

Internet cameras to watch presidential elections: Voice of Russia

Jan 12, 2012

Russia’s Central Election Commission is installing web-cameras and computers at all polling stations across the country in a bid to ensure video surveillance at presidential elections to be held on the 4th of March, 2012.

It was Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who proposed to use cameras to fight against possible falsifications at elections in a response to a wave of protests that followed the December parliamentary elections.

The Ministry of Communications responsible for equipping polling stations with cameras says that right now its representatives are choosing, testing and buying the necessary equipment. The Ministry is expected to spend a total of 12 billion rubles.

Each polling station will be equipped with two cameras and a computer. The pictures will be transmitted from each camera to a dedicated Internet site which can be found through a hyperlink from the Central Elections Commission web site. A total of 200 thousand cameras and 100 thousand computers will be needed for this task. The national telecommunications company Rostelecom will be in charge of installing cameras at the polling stations. The equipment will be tested as early as the 15th of February.

Internet cameras to watch presidential elections: Voice of Russia

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