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Monday, January 16, 2012

2011- A year in photos..

The New York Times today published its Year in Pictures. Above, one image from each of its six categories.
Arab Spring: The body of Ahmed Farhan, 30, was cleansed before burial. Security forces in Sitra, Bahrain, killed the man on March 15; 5,000 people attended his funeral. — Andrea Bruce/New York Times.
Nature: A cloud of ash billowed from the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano in Chile. The June eruption, its first in decades, prompted the evacuation of 3,500 people. — Claudio Santana/Agence France-Presse
Nation (US): Julie Holzhauer stood among her family’s possessions after they were evicted from their home in Centennial, Colo., on Sept. 15 after falling behind on the rent. Her husband, John Holzhauer, a home building contractor, said he had lost up to 40 percent of his business because of the weak economy. — John Moore/Getty Images
Milestones: The space shuttle Atlantis touched down at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 21, ending NASA’s 30-year shuttle program. — Sandra Joseph and Kevin O’Connell/NASA
Occupy Wall Street: Police officers led Brandon Watts out of Zuccotti Park in November after they said he threw a battery at officers and took a deputy inspector’s hat. His forehead was bloody after a scuffle with the police. — Change W. Lee
World: Residents looked on at the body of a man killed by gunfire in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Security forces loyal to the country’s incumbent leader, Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to cede power, fired volleys of gunshots in January, leaving at least four people dead after they cordoned off a section of a neighborhood known to be a stronghold of Mr. Gbagbo’s rival. — Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press
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