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Monday, November 21, 2011

Pirate To Join European Parliament As Youngest Member

In a few weeks Amelia Andersdotter will be the second Pirate Party member to take a seat at the European Parliament in Brussels. The 24-year-old Swede was voted in more than two years ago, but due to bureaucratic quibbles her official appointment was delayed. TorrentFreak catches up with the soon-to-be youngest MEP to hear about her plans and expectations.
In June 2009 the Swedish Pirate Party gained an impressive victory in the European Parliament elections. With 7% of the vote, the party earned a seat in the European Parliament, with the possibility for a second if the Lisbon Treaty passed.
 The treaty eventually passed a few months later, but due to the slow bureaucratic process it would take another two years before this seat could be filled. All this time Amelia Andersdotter had to wait patiently to enter parliament and represent the people who voted her in.
However, now that all member states have signed off on it, Andersdotter and 17 other new members are expected to take their seats next month.

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